Licensing Program

Why Libra Tech?

Libra tech

Founded in 2021, Libra Tech Limited is an independent IP management company incorporated in HongKong. Our major business is focused on patent licensing, and we have launched the first licensingprogram composed of dozens of Wi-Fi SEPs.

Wi-Fi Licensing Program

Wi-Fi are wireless networking protocols based on the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers(IEEE) wireless communication standard 802.11. These protocols are widely used for local areanetworking of devices and Internet access, allowing computers, tablets, smartphones and other devicesin home and small office networks to connect to the Internet.

This Wi-Fi patent portfolio includes dozens of Chinese patents that are essential to IEEE 802.11 standards. These SEPs are originally owned by Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., LG Electronics, Inc. and SamsungElectronics Co. Ltd. Our licensing program offers a single non-exclusive license, providing an efficient andcost-controlled way for manufacturers and distributors of products implementing the Wi-Fi standards tolicense these SEPs.

Royalty rate: CNY 0.12 per licensed product

More information about the license terms and conditions is available upon request.